March 28, 2007

If you feel unhappy, you can send mail to me. My mail address is Think your happiness are good more than me. Because I usually meet with bad events. My mind is easy to sad. So when my mother scold me, when my boss scold me and when I angry something... I always sad. But now I don't sad. My brother tell me, everyone have misery and happiness. Not only me. So when I feel unhappy, I spend times with lokking Internet. I so interest Internet. But I don't understan how to use. So I study and ask. Ma yaminaye tell me about blog. I also interest. I create my own blog. I no skillful in English language. Sometimes I laugh myself. Because when I don't know Ehglish words,I look dictionary. But I don't konw next word in glosary. So I find next time in dictionary.I wish to happy all.

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