About My Secret Habbit  

September 10, 2007

Ko Blink tagged me to write the secret habit of me. It's really not difficult for me because the manners of me are different with others since in my youth. I've so many secret habits. But I'll describe a little.

1. I cannot live without job and I don't want any spare time except sometime in month.

2. I like white, sky blue and army colors but I usually wear black.

3. I so like both reading and writing poems especially in post modern.
(I mean khit-paw poem)

4. I like silence and I don't want to stay among many people.

5. If I doing the design in Photoshop and testing HTML, I'll forget my lunch. I so interest in Web. But I am only a learner now.
Yet we cannot say that I'll not be a Professional Web Designer in a day. Ha Ha Ha...!!!

6. I so love rain and snow. But I have not seen snow in outside except in TV and Internet yet.

7. I trust in Buddha Dhamma and pray every morning. But I'm not able to pray everday. If I absence to pray, I said myself that 'I always trust in Buddha in my mind, so I have not punish. However I cannot stay the whole day. When I before sleep at night, I pray in hands at least three times. Am I a lazy girl?

I feel back you for my grammar. I've not skillful in English Language. Sorry :)

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